Colombia / Bogota


Sarah Kim


Basic English


2022/03/01 - 2022/12/02

Colombia / Bogota

Monday PM 10:30 - PM 11:30

Tuesday PM 10:30 - PM 11:30

Wednesday PM 10:30 - PM 11:30

Friday PM 10:30 - PM 11:30

To join this class, you may need a password issued by the teacher.

Course Description

You have never learned English before? but you already know the alphabets? 


You will learn all about phonics and will move on to vocabulary and sentence structures.

I use my own materials that I made and it holds every day conversation to travel, school, and simple grammar.

You will be able to speak and have a conversation in English after 24 classes! (as long as you do your homework and review :))

Please feel free to contact me for more information and I hope to see you in my class soon!


Term I:

Class 1: Greetings & Emotions

Class 2: Days of the Week & Months of the Year

Class 3: School Supplies

Class 4: School Subjects

Class 5: Asking Questions

Class 6: Jobs & Occupations

Class 7: Family Members

Class 8: Review

Term II:

Class 1: Hobbies

Class 2: Transportation

Class 3: Shopping

Class 4: Direction

Class 5: Buildings & Places

Class 6: Sports

Class 7: Food

Class 8: Review

Term III:

Class 1: Descriptions

Class 2: Geography

Class 3: Holiday & Travel

Class 4: Sickness

Class 5: Technology

Class 6: Cooking

Class 7: Daily Routine

Class 8: Review


Sarah Kim


  • taught 5 and 6-year-old children at a Jewish Synagogue kindergarten in 2012
  • taught Korean to Korean American adoptees in the USA from 2013-2015,
  • currently teaching English to Korean elementary and middle school students since 2017