Our Story

“After each lesson, you can be sure of this one thing;
the bright eyes and the smiling faces of those ever so grateful students will keep a smile on your face through the rest of the day.”

From a senior teacher, Colin Brewster in Toronto

Technology is making communication easier than ever for all of us around the world. However, does technology truly enrich our lives or does it impoverish us instead? Gible utilizes technology to enhance the lives of students in developing countries and the lives of retired seniors in developed countries.

Gible enables education by connecting people and provides students with high-quality education and seniors with a healthy and meaningful life.

Gible was developed after years of preparation:
(1) identifying schools in Africa, as well as seniors at churches in Toronto for collaboration;
(2) conducting feasibility surveys with the seniors, teachers, students, and schools; and
(3) testing local internet infrastructure and the quality of video chat systems between schools and facilities.

Since 2018, we tested the practicality of Gible at different locations and among diverse students in ten countries including Ethiopia, Madagascar, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, Lebanon, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Colombia, and Turkey. We also created a wide range of teaching and learning materials which have been used until now.

The current Gible platform is the third version and we are continuously developing and improving the quality of the system by reflecting on the needs of both volunteers and students.