Dominican Republic / Santo_Domingo


Kenneth Jeong




2023/02/02 - 2024/02/02

Dominican Republic / Santo_Domingo

Tuesday PM 05:00 - PM 07:00

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Course Description

Korean culture is becoming more and more popular around the world.

In light of these facts, this course is made to allow students to begin learning basic Korean even if they have no prior knowledge of the language.

I'm hoping that this session will provide me the chance to study the fundamentals of Korean and go closer to speaking it.


Curriculum for basic Korean

Week 01 : 자음 /모음 (Consonant / Vowel)

Week 02 : 자음 / 가족 (Consonant / Family)

Week 03 : 쌍자음 / 나라 (Consonant / Country)

Week 04 : 받침 / 직업 (Final consonant / Job)

Week 05 : 복잡한 모음 / 계절, 과일, 색깔 (Complex vowel / Seasons, Fruits, Colours)

Week 06 : 복잡한 모음2 / 동물 (Complex vowel 2 / Animal)

Week 07 : 복잡한 모음 복습 / 몸 (Complex vowel review / Body)

Week 08 : 자기소개 / 감정 (Self-Introduction / Emotion)


Kenneth Jeong


  • Research Assistant, Good Neighbors International
  • Delegate of the 2019 Korea-Africa Participatory Diplomacy Delegation, The Korea-Africa Foundation
  • 121st KOICA Volunteer Corps, Korea International Cooperation Agency the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Full-time employee of the accounting team, HANJIN Co., Ltd.
  • Intern of UN-specialized organization, ICAO(International Civil Aviation Organization)